How Can You Keep Your Childrens Teeth Healthy, Safe, and Prevent Cavities?


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Sealants are a thin layer of resin based material painted on the back molars. They are known to prevent cavities in the children by sealing the pits and fissures of the teeth.

Sealants are recommended between the ages of 6-8 years for the 1st molars and between 12-14 years for the 2nd molars.

Mouth Guard

If you play any kind of contact sport ( soccer, basketball, baseball, wrestling, etc ), it is highly recommended to wear a mouth guard to prevent any tooth injury or tooth loss.

There are several OTC mouth guard’s available but are ill-fitting and uncomfortable, therefore, do not provide best protection. For highest level of comfort and protection you need a custom made mouth guard. we can make a custom made mouth guard by taking a mold of you mouth. This mold is unique to your mouth and the mouth guard made of this mold fits perfectly into your mouth without any. discomfort.